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What are sinus lifts?

ProcedureBone loss in the upper jaw may impair your ability to replace molar or premolar teeth with dental implants. However, sinus lift surgery is a bone grafting technique Premier Periodontics offers that may be used to increase your candidacy for implant dentistry. Insufficient bone height in the upper jaw, poor bone quality, or sinuses that have expanded into areas where tooth roots once sat may make placing an implant in the upper back jaw challenging. With a sinus augmentation procedure, our skilled periodontal team can raise the sinus floor or add bone graft material in this area to provide the bone needed for supporting a dental implant. If you need to replace teeth in the upper jaw, contact our Bellevue, WA team to learn more about dental implants and sinus lift surgery.

What are the benefits of a sinus lift?

When a dental implant is needed, it is important to consider the steps that may be required before it can be placed. The steps can include ensuring your gum health is optimal, removing any damaged teeth, and ensuring your jawbone is strong. If you have bone loss, a sinus augmentation (sinus lift) can help to strengthen the jaw. Some of the benefits of a sinus lift for an implant include:

  • Creates space in the mouth so new bone can form
  • Reinforces the jawbone so the implant can be supported
  • Enables tooth replacement with an implant
  • Reducing the risk of sinus damage

If you have additional questions about a sinus lift in Seattle, WA, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We will go over all the steps to help you determine if a sinus lift is ideal for you.

Who is A Candidate for A Sinus Lift?

You may qualify for a sinus lift if you have insufficient area in the top jaw to get a dental implant when the sinuses are too big or too near the jawbone. At your consultation with Dr. Dkeidek, a digital x-ray will be taken to measure your sinuses and jaw and ascertain whether moving the sinuses with or without a bone graft would be a suitable plan of action to prepare you for a dental implant.

when is sinus Augmentation necessary?

Candidates for a sinus floor lift may include those who have lost upper back teeth and have insufficient room in the top jaw to support a dental implant. This situation may be caused by:

  • Bone loss
  • Expansion of the sinus floor
  • Naturally large sinuses
  • Sinus cavities are too close to where the tooth roots should be

During your appointment with our Premier Periodontics team, advanced 3D cone beam imaging will be used to measure your jaw and sinuses and determine if a sinus lift would be an appropriate plan of action to prepare your mouth for an implant.

How Is sinus lift surgery Performed?

A sinus lift is an advanced surgical procedure that is performed in our office by one of our board-certified periodontists. While performed with a local anesthetic, we are pleased to offer sedation dentistry options to help you experience a relaxed, care-free procedure. We may use one of several sinus lift techniques to perform your procedure. To complete the sinus lift, we will make an incision in the gum tissue at the back of your mouth to access the jawbone and sinus cavity. The floor of the sinus will then be gently elevated using expert technique and bone grafting tissue will be added beneath. In other cases, bone grafts may be added directly to the sinus floor within the sinus cavity. The result is increased bone height and width capable of securely anchoring a dental implant. Lastly, the incision within the gumline will be sutured.

what should I expect During sinus Lift Recovery?

After undergoing sinus lift surgery, you might be prescribed a pain reliever to assist you during your recovery. Our surgical team will also discuss the best way to care for your incision and what to expect as you heal. You should schedule a follow-up appointment about a week or two after your sinus surgery for suture removal. In most cases, the bone graft will require about 6 – 9 months to fully heal before a dental implant procedure can be scheduled.

will my dental insurance cover a sinus lift?

If you carry dental insurance, we will be happy to speak to your provider to determine your coverage amounts and estimate your out-of-pocket expenses. Premier Periodontics is a preferred provider for several dental insurance companies and can help you navigate your plan to maximize your benefits. We also accept a range of payment options and can provide you with information on low-interest medical financing to make your treatment even more affordable.

Sinus Lift FAQ

Where does the bone for a sinus lift come from?

Bone grafting material for sinus lift procedures is sourced from either your own body (often the chin or another part of the jaw), a donor source (from a tissue bank), or another species (such as a bovine). Synthetic materials may also be used to fortify the jawbone during a sinus lift. Our Premier Periodontics specialists can help you determine the best bone graft material for your sinus lift.

Is sinus floor lift surgery uncomfortable?

Our team is dedicated to helping you feel as comfortable as possible during sinus lift surgery. Local anesthesia will be administered before the surgery to help numb the area. Sedation dentistry services may also be provided to help ensure you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your visit. If you are in need of a dental sinus lift, our Bellevue, WA periodontal team can provide further information on what to expect throughout the treatment process.

How long is the recovery process after sinus lift surgery?

Most patients begin to feel normal after about 1 – 2 weeks following sinus lift surgery. Swelling in the mouth and face may last for several days, but this can often be minimized with ice packs. You will likely be advised to avoid blowing your nose, drinking through a straw, smoking, and other activities for one or more weeks. Specific and detailed aftercare instructions will be provided to you by our periodontal team.

Create Support for Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth in the mouth. If you have lost upper back teeth, a sinus lift procedure from Premier Periodontics can provide the bony support your implants need to serve your smile over the long term. Our periodontists proudly offer dental sinus lifts to Bellevue, WA and Seattle-area patients. We invite you to call our practice to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced periodontal specialists.

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