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About Dental Technologies

At the core of our practice's philosophy is the commitment to provide our patients with the most effective, predictable, and minimally invasive care available today. Each of our experienced periodontal specialists is proud to uphold this mission by remaining knowledgeable and current on the latest in advanced dental technology. With this approach, we find that we can optimize treatment results while minimizing the impact on our patient's health, comfort, and oral structures. Premier Periodontics is proud to be a leader in specialized periodontal care and implant surgery and is pleased to improve the oral health and wellness of Bellevue, WA area patients with a range of cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment protocols.

What dental technologies do we use?

Some of the advanced dental technologies we utilize at Premier Periodontics include:

Digital X-rays: Our digital x-ray system produces highly defined images with up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. We use these diagnostic images during exams and treatments to evaluate the health of your teeth, supporting jawbone, and other oral structures.

PerioLase MVP-7 TruePulse: Specially designed for use with the LANAP and LAPIP laser gum treatment protocol, our advanced soft tissue laser gently eliminates harmful bacteria and gum disease infected tissues deep below the gumline.

X-Guide: Used in conjunction with our cone beam system, the X-Guide is a 3D navigational tool our team employs during surgical procedures to enhance the precision of dental implant placement.

Perioscopy: This technology utilizes a small dental endoscope that magnifies and provides a field of visualization for our team when performing gum disease treatment. In many cases, minimally invasive perioscopy can eliminate the need to surgically retract the tissues during periodontal treatment.

Piezoelectric Bone Surgery: Piezoelectric techniques harness the power of ultrasonic frequencies to provide a less invasive approach in bone surgical procedures. The result is a less-intrusive treatment, faster healing, and minimal impact on surrounding gum tissues.

Cone Beam (CBCT): Our 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system generates very high-detailed images of the mouth, jaw, and facial structures. CBCT scans are used in many of our procedures to render diagnoses and treatment planning. Surgical outcomes are more predictable and highly precise.

Trios Scanner: An invaluable technology, our Trios scanner captures 3D digital impressions of the mouth for use in planning and performing various types of procedures. It eliminates the need for uncomfortable physical impressions and enhances accuracy in the delivery of periodontal and implant care.

Densah Protocol: The Densah Protocol is used in preparing the jawbone for dental implant placement. This advanced approach is designed to enhance the stability of dental implants once placed in the jaw and encourages a faster healing response.

What are the benefits of dental technologies?

Premier Periodontics utilizes advanced dental technology to help identify various dental issues, such as gum disease, tooth fractures, and cavities. Dental technologies offer a wide range of advantages for our Bellevue, WA patients which include:

  • Reduced treatment time
  • More comfortable experience
  • Accelerate healing time
  • Expert care for a variety of issues

Is there a need for me to use dental technologies?

Innovative dental technologies are incorporated throughout many aspects of care at Premier Periodontics for patients with a range of periodontal and implant needs. By utilizing this less invasive approach, patients often recover faster, gain more predictable results, and enjoy a more comfortable, positive journey toward improved oral health. Thanks to their minimally invasive nature, these techniques also increase the safety of care and allow patients with certain medical complexities to undergo care they may not have qualified for otherwise.

What should I expect with dental technologies?

Advanced dental technology greatly elevates our ability to provide comprehensive and customized care for each of our patients. Many of our advanced procedures provide a more comfortable alternative to traditional surgical measures and reduce the need for incisions or sutures following care. Before beginning any diagnostic or treatment procedure, our caring team will give you an idea of what to expect throughout the process. Rest assured, we only invest in technologies that are proven to enhance the health of patients and facilitate our efforts to restore periodontal health and wellness in the best possible way.

What happens after diagnostic testing?

Following any advanced treatment procedure at Premier Periodontics, our team will provide you with respective recovery recommendations to manage your oral health as you heal. Diagnostic services, such as digital x-rays and cone beam CT scans, may be performed at intervals to prepare for necessary treatment or evaluate your results after a periodontal or implant placement procedure. We only recommend diagnostic and treatment procedures when necessary and are dedicated to minimizing the impact on your oral structures throughout the course of your care.

Will insurance cover any of my dental diagnostic tests?

Though we use a number of state-of-the-art measures at Premier Periodontics, we are still pleased to keep our care affordable for patients. Dental insurance plans may offer coverage toward a number of advanced techniques and diagnostic processes. Prior to your visit, we will contact your insurance company to review your plan and let you know of any estimated personal costs. To help make receiving the treatment you need fit within your budget, we offer special 12-month financing and accept several easy payment methods.

Dental Technologies FAQ

What's a CBCT scan used for?
CBCT scans are extremely versatile. They can be utilized for a number of dental needs, including those such as:

  • Planning the best placement for dental implants
  • Reviewing bone structure
  • Preparing for a root canal
  • Planning for a bone graft
  • Detecting gum issues

Will dental technologies hurt?
No. The use of advanced technology in dentistry is meant to be quick and painless. Using dental technology also enables us to get a thorough look into your dental health so we can craft the necessary treatment plan.

Are digital x-rays better than traditional x-rays?
Digital x-rays allow results to be available almost immediately. This means whether you're looking for periodontal technology to help with gum issues or implant technology in Seattle, WA to help plan your treatment, it can be crafted almost instantly. These digital x-rays are also higher resolution, allowing any problems to be visible.

Enjoy a Minimally Invasive Approach

Advanced technology makes getting the periodontal and implant treatment you need more comfortable, less invasive, and highly precise. At the forefront of innovative care, Premier Periodontics is proud to bring the highest standard of treatment to the Bellevue, WA community. For more information on our minimally invasive approach to patient care, contact our friendly team today.

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