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What Is Dental Implant REvision?

ProcedureDental implants offer an excellent way to replace teeth that are missing, extracted, or irreparable. Implants are generally very effective and carry a high rate of success when placed using advanced techniques and technologies. In a small percentage of cases, however, dental implants fail and do not provide the expected long-term benefits to a patient’s oral health. This may be due to improper placement, insufficient bone health, peri-implantitis (gum and/or bone infection), or a number of other causes. As exceptionally skilled periodontal and implant experts, our team at Premier Periodontics offers advanced care to help save failing dental implants using the LAPIP™ Protocol and other refined techniques. Get in touch with our board-certified team in Bellevue, WA for a dental implant revision consultation if you are experiencing problems with your implant or surrounding tissues.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implant Revision?

Dental implant revision is imperative when confronting dental implant rejection or failure. This process offers significant benefits for implant patients, including:

  • Functional restoration: Dental implant revision addresses functional complications arising from implant failure. This includes improved functions like chewing and speaking, which could be hindered by a failing implant.
  • Aesthetic enhancement: This procedure assists in resolving aesthetic issues caused by failing implants, helping to restore confidence in your smile.
  • Prevention of further complications: By addressing implant failure, dental implant revision aids in reducing the risk of bone loss and other oral health issues.
  • Implant longevity: Ultimately, dental implant revision promotes the longevity and structural integrity of the implants, playing a vital role in maintaining overall oral health.

When Is Dental Implant Repair Needed?

Dental implant revision may be needed if you are experiencing the signs or symptoms of implant failure. Several types of conditions may lead to failed implants, including inadequate bone support, an infection similar to gum disease known as peri-implantitis, improper oral hygiene, or a poor systemic response to your implant. When this occurs, your implant or bite may feel different. Signs of implant failure may also include:

  • Bleeding or gum inflammation
  • Implant mobility
  • Loss of bone support
  • Exposed implant post
  • Biting discomfort

What Is the Dental IMplant Revision Process?

Our skilled periodontists use advanced 3D imaging techniques to evaluate the state of your dental implants and the gum and bone surrounding them. We may perform an advanced laser technique known as the LAPIP Protocol to alleviate any infection in the tissues surrounding the implant and stimulate the growth of bone supporting it. Along with this approach, our periodontal surgeons may add bone grafting materials and growth factors to the implant site to strengthen its support and long-term health. In some instances, we may need to repair improperly placed implants, remove them altogether, or reposition the posts using guided implant surgical techniques.

How Can I Care for My Mouth After Dental Implant Repair?

With a meticulous approach and advanced surgical expertise, we can often save dental implants and the investment you have made in your oral health. Specific instructions on how to care for your implant sites as you heal and in the future will be provided following your implant revision procedure. Keeping up with thorough home care efforts and maintaining regular dental cleanings and exams are essential to the longevity of your tooth replacement. Our team will provide helpful tips on how to preserve the health of your implants moving forward.

Is Implant Revision Covered by Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance plans may provide limited coverage for implant revision procedures. However, Premier Periodontics is pleased to offer special financing and accepts a range of convenient payment solutions to help you get the care needed to save your implant. Before getting started, our financial team will review your estimated costs with you and assist you in finding an affordable payment option.

Dental Implant Revision FAQ

What is the main reason dental implants fail?
There are a variety of reasons dental implants could fail, but most often, we see dental implant failure due to infection or bone loss. This post-implant infection can often be prevented with good oral hygiene.

What are some implant failure symptoms?
If you start to experience significant pain or discomfort at or around your implant site, you may be experiencing implant failure. Other signs include swollen or inflamed gums or a loose dental implant.

What should I do if I notice my implants are failing?
It is important to contact our implant dentists in Bellevue, WA as soon as you notice signs of implant failure. Once we get a better idea of why your implants are failing, we can create a treatment plan for dental implant repair.

Dental Implant Repair Near Seattle, WA

We understand the investment you make in your oral health when choosing dental implants for tooth replacement. As a skilled surgical team, we want to help save failing dental implants and restore health and wellness to your smile. If you are experiencing problems with your implant, get in touch with Premier Periodontics in Bellevue, WA today to learn more about your treatment options for successful dental implant revision.

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