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About Dental Exams

At Premier Periodontics, our team of board-certified surgeons uses the latest in diagnostic technologies to perform comprehensive periodontal and implant examinations in a welcoming, gentle environment. Our thorough approach allows us to accurately diagnose periodontal concerns and recommend the specialized treatment our patients need to enjoy optimal oral health. Periodontal examinations with our team combine a clinical assessment of your oral health, advanced imaging technology, and our advanced expertise and experience to gain better insight into the health of your gum tissues, jawbone, and other periodontal structures. We can then help you understand your condition and plan for the treatments best suited to meet your unique periodontal and implant needs. As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting oral health, we also routinely perform oral cancer screenings during periodontal exam visits. If you live in or near Bellevue, WA, get in touch with our caring team today and make your appointment for a periodontal examination at Premier Periodontics.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is an abnormal group of cells in the mouth that can impact areas like the jawbone, lips, gums, tongue, throat, palate, cheeks, the floor of the mouth, and salivary glands. Each periodontal examination at Premier Periodontics includes an oral cancer screening to check for early symptoms or indications of oral cancer, including sores, nodules, lumps, and lesions. Our specialists will also palpate your neck and jaw for abnormal growths. Should any areas of concern be found, our skilled surgeons can perform a tissue biopsy to further evaluate the lesion and determine if additional care or treatment is required.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Dental Exam?

Routine periodontal exams offered at Premier Periodontics in Bellevue, WA bring about a number of upsides for your total oral wellness, like:

  • Early identification of dental wellness concerns
  • Preventive care and maintenance
  • Opportunity to provide x-rays and more diagnostic exams
  • Personal dental recommendations
  • Less possibility of tooth loss
  • Maintain healthy gums and bone structure
  • Prevent dental emergencies

Should I Have a dental exam?

Whether you are referred to us by your general dentist or another specialist or are seeking out our services on your own, Premier Periodontics is pleased to offer the highest standard of periodontal and implant services today. Patients commonly visit our specialty team to evaluate and treat conditions like gum disease, gum recession, bone loss in the jaw, cosmetic periodontal concerns, and tooth loss. A comprehensive periodontal exam affords us the opportunity to evaluate your specific needs and provide you with a periodontal or implant treatment plan to maximize your oral health outcomes. As board-certified periodontal and implant surgeons, we are well-versed in these highly specialized fields and are experts when it comes to diagnosing and treating the full scope of gum, bone, and implant surgery needs.

What should I expect with a dental exam?

Before we begin your examination, our periodontal team will review your medical and dental histories, including any current medications, and discuss your periodontal or implant concerns. We will then review x-rays from your referring dentist or take a new one with our 3D imaging system, which shows all aspects of your mouth (such as your teeth, jawbone health, and nerve positioning) in highly defined detail. Once we have read your x-rays, our team will then examine your gum tissues and other areas of your mouth and perform a routine oral cancer screening. Any areas of concern that we detect clinically or on your x-rays will then be reviewed with you, along with appropriate treatment recommendations.

Will I need a follow-up appointment after a dental exam?

Premier Periodontics is proud to take a comprehensive and customized approach to periodontal and implant care and will work closely with your referring dentist to make certain your oral health needs are met in the most effective way. At the end of your exam visit, our team will present you with a personalized treatment plan and will gladly answer any questions that you have about your oral health or recommended services. Along with any treatment that you may undergo with our practice, we do encourage you to keep up with regular dental visits with your general dentist and maintain a good home care routine to help maintain the health of your smile.

Does insurance cover my dental exam?

Dental examinations are often covered benefits under most dental insurance plans. Premier Periodontics is a preferred provider for several major insurance companies and will review your specific benefits to help you better understand your coverage. In the event that you have personal expenses for your care, our business team can talk with you about the convenient payment options we accept, including flexible financing solutions, to help you get the treatment you need for better oral health.

Dental Exam FAQ

How long will my dental exam take?
Your dental or periodontal exam in Seattle, WA will take around 30 - 60 minutes. This time estimate is dependent on the current condition of your oral health. In the case that you've had significant changes in your gum health, it might take longer.

Is a periodontal exam painful?
Any exam or x-rays taken shouldn't cause extreme discomfort. As a team, we used the latest in dental techniques and technology to make your experience relaxed and comfortable. While checking your gum may cause some sensitivity if you have less than ideal gum health, we will do whatever possible to make you comfortable.

How do I properly prepare for a dental exam?
Preparing for a dental exam starts way before your appointment. It's essential to maintain good oral hygiene habits (twice daily flossing and brushing). Right before your appointment, we advise you to brush your teeth and avoid the consumption of food and beverages. You can also wear comfortable clothes if possible.

What exactly does a dentist look at during a dental exam?
During your dental exam, we will look for cavities, check the health of your gums, examine teeth that appear worn or damaged, and review other concerns. If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, this is a great time to ask as well.

How often should I change my toothbrush?
You should switch out your old toothbrush every three months. The everyday use of toothbrushes make them wear out relatively quickly. If you have periodontal disease, it may be recommended to switch out your toothbrush every 4 – 6 weeks to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Is there anything I should avoid before going to my dental exam?
Many people may brush their teeth, use mouthwash, then chew gum prior to their dental appointment. We understand that bad breath may leave you feeling self-conscious. However, bad breath can be a sign of deeper issues. Therefore, it is wise to avoid the mouthwash and gum prior to your appointment.

Schedule Your Dental Examinations

Periodontal health is an important aspect of dental wellness and the foundation of a healthy smile. A comprehensive periodontal and implant exam from our experienced team of specialists can help you find viable solutions to your oral health needs and get the care you require for better gum and bone health. Using the latest in advanced technology, Premier Periodontics is proud to serve the Bellevue, WA area with customized, trusted specialty care in a warm, friendly environment. Get in touch with our team to book your periodontal and implant examination today.

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