Will Periodontal Disease Go Away With Regular Tooth Brushing?

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At Premier Periodontics, we perform dental exams to determine if a patient has gum disease. Regular dental exams and cleanings allow us to detect it early on before it progresses further. Many of our patients wonder if their early-stage periodontal disease will go away with regular oral hygiene; however, this is how you prevent it from developing. If you are already exhibiting signs of periodontal disease, you need a deep cleaning from our dental hygiene team to clean your teeth and gums best.

Our periodontist in Bellevue, WA knows how to treat gum disease effectively with perioscopy digital technology. This minimally invasive, nonsurgical periodontal treatment helps patients to avoid gum surgery. We offer this gum disease treatment at all seven of our locations in Washington, including Olympia, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, and Everett.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is a gum infection caused by poor oral hygiene. When plaque is left on the teeth, gum disease develops. When left untreated, it can deteriorate the jawbone and in severe cases, cause tooth loss. There are many signs of periodontal disease that our periodontist in Bellevue can detect during a dental exam. At Premier Periodontics, we specialize in treating patients with any stage of gum disease.

What is perioscopy endoscopy?

First, our periodontist in Bellevue examines your gums to determine the best treatment, depending on the severity and stage of gum disease you’re at. We usually pair perioscopy with a nonsurgical scaling and root planing procedure that both treats and prevents the progression of gum disease. Patients who have one or more periodontal pockets that measure 5mm or higher are good candidates for this gum disease treatment. It works well for patients with deeper areas of gum disease and who cannot undergo traditional gum surgery.

During this gum treatment, our periodontal specialists can accurately see where there is plaque and tartar accumulation inside periodontal pockets. This allows us to thoroughly remove and treat these diseased areas well. While it is nonsurgical, we do numb the gum tissues to keep patients comfortable. We insert the endoscope into periodontal pockets and use digital images to thoroughly clean these areas.

Recovery from perioscopy gum disease treatment

There is very little recovery necessary with perioscopy treatment in Washington, which means that you don’t need stitches. Your gums may feel tender for a few days. A follow-up appointment allows our periodontal specialists to evaluate how well you’re healing. This is how we determine if you need additional treatment. We recommend a routine periodontal maintenance visit every three months.

How to prevent gum disease

The best ways to prevent gum disease include:

  1. Follow an efficient oral hygiene routine: Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily helps remove plaque from your teeth and prevent tartar from developing.

  2. Schedule regular dental exams and cleanings: The best way to keep your oral health at its best is with preventive visits at Premier Periodontics. If we can detect a problem early on, we can treat it before it worsens and becomes more severe.

Learn how minimally invasive gum disease treatment with a perioscopy improves your oral health

Perioscopy allows our periodontal specialists at Premier Periodontics to see when you need gum disease treatment. A dental endoscopy treats diseased areas with a precise approach. Learn more about gum disease treatment and the benefits of perioscopy at one of our seven locations in Washington, including Olympia, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, and Everett, by calling us to schedule an appointment today.

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