Who We Are

Who We Are

Premier Periodontics is a team of highly skilled professionals who provide the best care available in periodontics today. What we do is important. It matters. We help people feel confident when they smile. We improve patients' oral health, which improves their overall health. Whether you're a long time Premier team member, have recently joined us, or are considering a career with Premier, this is who we are and what makes us different.

At Premier Periodontics, we are reimagining what's possible in order to fulfill our mission: to provide better care, better access, and better health for every patient we serve.

I'm Amy McCarthy, Director of Practice Development at Premier. Exceptional care, access, and clinical outcomes set us apart. How are we able to achieve these? Through who we are collectively; a team of individuals who share the same core values and live them, day in and day out.

Our shared core values make us unique, bind us together, and propel us forward in our mission and vision.

Not only do we provide excellent outcomes for our patients, we provide an excellent experience as well. From the smile a patient hears through the phone, to the warm personal care they receive throughout the office, excellence is a part of everything we do. Each of us strives to exceed expectations in all aspects of our individual roles. At Premier, we're empowered to make decisions, to think for ourselves. Autonomy and trust come with responsibility to do the right thing. We have our patients' and our teams' best interests in mind, always. We are respectful, and optimistic with one another in the face of challenges.

We are changing the face of dentistry, pushing to provide the best care available to patients today. That requires change; innovation from every member of our team. We are curious people who continually look for ways to improve. We see challenges as opportunities, and find solutions together. Exceptional patient care does not happen without a well aligned team. Every member of our team plays a vital role in the patient's experience at Premier. As such, we rely on one another; we support each other, and we help each other improve. Open, honest feedback is how we do that. We coach, and we are coached.

We're a family. We encourage and celebrate the successes of every member. We believe core values are the best indicator of our mutual fit. If you strive to excel in all that you do, if you care deeply about doing the right thing, if you seek to continually improve, and if you enjoy the energy and challenge of a highly coordinated team.

Then you're in the right place. Premier Periodontics is a career home for those passionate about providing exceptional patient care, those wanting to be critical member of a dynamic team, and those interested in helping to reimagine what's possible in dentistry today.