Will Fernyhough, D.D.S., MSD

Meet Dr. Will Fernyhough

Since 1987, Dr. Fernyhough has been elevating the standard of care in periodontal health for patients in the Western Washington area. Dr. Fernyhough is the original founder of Premier Periodontics, and though he no longer sees patients, he remains focused on ensuring Premier provides the best care, access, experience, and technology available in periodontics today. He is a distinguished authority on periodontics and implant dentistry and renowned lecturer and author on numerous specialty periodontal and oral health matters. During his years of advanced education and practice, Dr. Fernyhough has developed a refined system for effectively treating the needs of his patients with the highest level of skill, compassion, and professionalism. He feels privileged to be among the most trained and recognized practitioners in his profession.


Dr. Fernyhough received both his undergraduate and doctor of dental surgery degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle. Upon earning his doctor of dental surgery degree, he further pursued his dental education through specialty training at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry where he received his certificate in periodontics. Dr. Fernyhough went on to complete a Master of Science in dentistry, an achievement unique among periodontists. He deeply values lifelong learning and completes numerous continuing education courses each year to continually stay on the cutting-edge of advanced periodontal and implant care.

Specialties and Expertise

As an exceptionally accomplished periodontal and implant surgeon, Dr. Fernyhough is certified in multiple special implantology and bone grafting techniques. His certifications include:

  • Nobelpharma Implant Certificate Dental Implants
  • Dentsply Implant Training Dental Implants
  • I.T.I. Implant Training Dental Implants
  • 3I Implant Training Dental Implants
  • Gore-Tex Guided Tissue Certificate Bone Grafting

Personal Interests

Dr. Fernyhough and his wife are happily married and have four beautiful children. He is also an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys a range of sporting activities. When he is not serving the periodontal and implant needs of Western Washington patients, Dr. Fernyhough can be found kite-boarding, skiing, and bicycle racing.


"Everyone at Premier Periodontics Kirkland treated me like a member of the family. Dr. Wartimena and his assistants are all first rate, and the front office staff couldn't have been more helpful. I really hope I never need their help again, but if I do, there's no doubt about where I will go. Thanks for everything!"



"After years of dental work and associated anxiety...it had finally come to this. The Periodontist! YIKES!!! To say I was not looking forward to the visit and extraction of the offending tooth is an understatement. I'd had my teeth straightened, whitened, crowned, root canaled and now - as seemingly a last resort we were pulling the one of my precious suckers out! There was a lot of drama in my head about this (I'm too young. I should have brushed better. I have bad genetics...you name it, I thought it). HOWEVER, the staff at Premier Periodontic in Everett could not have been kinder! Dr. Hyun was super caring and sweet, explained the procedure in detail and assured she would stop should there be even the slightest discomfort (and she did when I started to feel a little something and we rebooted the novocaine.) Assistant Lourisa was also very comforting. She and Dr. Hyun joked back and forth but continually checked in with me as to how I was doing. Admittedly - it was not that bad! Tessa, Jenica and Candice were all on hand near by to bring items as needed and help explain post-op procedures and billing. When they discovered an issue in the tooth next to the one in question, they didn;t hesitate to address that situation too. It meant a longer session but also more efficiency for healing. I was the last appt. of the day and was impressed with their commitment to doing the right thing by pulling a second tooth versus scheduling me for another time. I truly appreciated their dedication and willingness to stay an extra HOUR on my behalf! Lourisa even called a couple of days later to see how I was doing and I appreciated the nice touch. So far so good! Thanks to all in the Everett office for providing such solid care!"



"The doctor and the staff were extremely friendly and made you feel very comfortable. Looking forward to having my procedure done and will update after that."



"I spent the last year getting multiple gum grafts throughout my mouth. Everyone at Premier Periodontists is phenomenal! Dr. Ghadri is very professional but funny at the same time. I never felt anything during my surgeries and both of his assistants cared for me like I was their sister. Diane at the billing desk is a freaking hoot! And helped make my payments pain free (which can sometimes hurt more than the surgery itself, jkjk). They would call and check on me in the days following my surgery and would immediately adjust medications if need be. I can’t thank them enough or tout their skills and kindness louder than I already do. I apologize for the long response and although I am glad to finally be done with surgeries, I will miss everyone at the office."



"Everyone in the office was so kind and helpful. Dr. Huynh-ba was very patient and thorough when he was describing and explaining the procedure I will need to have. His staff was accommodating and made me feel right at home. I highly recommend!"



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